Edy Sutherland
Inspired Story Teller and Wilderness Leader

The wilderness rejects the limitations of normalcy and the impossible.


To enter WHY’ld places is to say, “I will embrace mindsets of humility, risk, grit, grace, growth, renewal, and joy.” 

What does choosing to be brave instead of perfect look and feel like?

“I don’t like risk. But at least, I will go where I’ve never been doing what I don’t think I can do. Yep, count me in.” 

“The unknown makes me feel out of control. But at least, I will have to place my trust in everyone and everything around me instead of myself. Yep, count me in.”

“I will be confronted with I’m not enough. But, at least I will be encouraged to try, to explore, to expand my mind, body and spirit. Yep, count me in.”

“I don’t like to fail. But at least, my worship of perfectionism and performance will be shattered, Yep, count me in.” 

"I believe: 

  • Falling teaches me how to get up to try again.

  • Imperfection awakens a resolve to find God in the impossible.

  • Fatigue, adversity, uncertainty and fear solicit tenacity and trust.

  • It's exciting to travel new paths with new people.

  • Grace wins every time. 

  • Silence and solitude in WHY'ld places awakens inspiration.

  • To go into the WHY'ld, is to ponder and marvel at God's goodness. 

  • I'm to remain sober and alert to the scheming of the enemy of my soul. 

  • God's truth sets us on a level path in the WHY'ld open spaces.  


We are born to be WHY’ld. Adventuring together says, “I’m with you. I’m for you. I believe in you. I like you. I choose you, again and again and again.” 


Our WHY, the reason we get out of bed each day – our ultimate purpose, is to adventure WITH God. We’re awake, alert and alive to His revelation that we’re made to live without borders or limitations.


We’re made for adventure!

Invite Edy to set-up and oversee a wilderness adventure for your ministry. And/or invite Edy to speak at your event. Contact Edy via email at bravingthewhyld@gmail.com 


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